RULE OF PROMOTION “Somos ticos y apoyamos a nuestro país”

RULE OF PROMOTION Somos ticos y apoyamos a nuestro país

The purpose of these Regulations is to establish the terms and conditions of the promotions called “Somos TICOS y apoyamos a nuestro país”.

The Promotion will have by the following rules, terms, restrictions and conditions. By participating in the Promotion, Participants (see definition of “Participant” below) unconditionally agree to all the rules of these Rules, including those clauses limiting the liability of the Organizer. Participants agree to submit to the decisions regarding the mechanics of the Organizer on any matter related to the Promotion.

The granting of the promotional benefit (defined as the “Benefit”) shall be conditioned to the compliance with each one of the applicable laws and regulations, as well as the provisions of these Rules. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any Participant and/or demand the return of the benefits granted and/or refrain from delivering the Benefit to any Participant who fails to comply with the terms and conditions.


Clause one: The Organizer of the present sweepstakes is the company American Data Networks S.A. legal number 3-101-402954 . The Organizer is solely responsible for the Promotion before any Participant. For any aspect related to the present Promotion, the Participants must communicate to the e-mail

Clause two: The term “Regulations” refers to the present document and “Promotion” refers to the terms and conditions regulated herein through the commercial dynamics proposed by the Organizer with the purpose of developing commercial actions and loyalty of its brand American Data Networks with its clients.

Clause Three: Participants and/or Beneficiaries. A maximum of 100 national or legal individuals and residents of the Republic of Costa Rica, of legal age, who have a valid and current identification document, who are new customers of the Organizer’s Services and who participate in the Promotion in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in these Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “Participant” and/or “Beneficiaries”) may participate in this Promotion. The counting and assignment of the Participant status will be done in a chronological and successive manner. Once the quota of one hundred participants is completed, we will be informing those who intend to participate of such situation and that consequently they will no longer be able to participate.

Participants must provide truthful and accurate information, as well as guarantee that the information they provide to the Organizer is truthful and sufficient to be located. Any inaccuracy that prevents the identification or location of the Participant, as well as any false information provided, will result in the disqualification of the Participant.

Any dispute of the Participant with any third party as to the ownership of the Benefit shall be a matter beyond the control of the Organizer, regardless of the origin or cause. The Organizer shall merely deliver the Benefit to the beneficiary Participant whose details have been provided to the Organizer.

Clause four: Validity. This Promotion ends once the quota of 100 people with the contracted service is filled.

The validity of the Promotion will be published with the indication *Promotion for a limited time”.


Clause five: Participants who comply with the requirements of the present Promotion described in the following section will obtain the following Benefit:

4 Free months of internet (1 free month each quarter of the year) or up to one year free in case our country, passes group.



Clause six: The mechanics of the Promotion shall be as follows:

  1. i) To be a new ADN customer (who has not previously had ADN services).
  2. ii) Contract only during the term of the Promotion (the promotion ends when the quota of 100 people is filled), any residential internet package (Double Play IPTV or IP Telephony, Triple play, or regular internet).


The Promotion has no additional cost for the Participants.

If the Participant wishes to cancel any of the contracted services, he/she must manage and request the cancellation of the service contracted with American Data Networks.

In the event that the cancellation is made before the end of the year, the participant must give up the FREE Internet.

The maximum number of customers that will be able to enjoy this promotion is 100 people.

The promotion ends once the quota of 100 customers with the contracted American Data Networks service has been filled.

Applies only to residential customers with American Data Networks services.

The free month will be granted at the end of each quarter, for one year.

Customer must pay monthly and have no outstanding or delinquencies at the time of receiving their quarterly free month.

Clause Nine: All customers who have an interest in participating in the Promotion must have full knowledge of these Rules and Regulations, since they stipulate the obligations, conditions, form, limitations and responsibilities regarding the process, participation, notification and withdrawal of the Benefit.

Clause ten: For all legal purposes, the Organizer of the Promotion shall consider as a fact that the beneficiaries have read, understood, know, and accept the present Rules and Regulations.

The Organizer reserves the right to suspend the Promotion temporarily or definitively, in case of proof of fraudulent assignment or claim of benefits, as well as in case of technical failures, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer. The alteration of documents and information about the Participants, as well as the deceit, fraud, falsification or unauthorized manipulation that hinders the normal performance of the Promotion and the actions that in the opinion of the Organizer are illegal and may cause damage to the Promotion or its Organizer may be prosecuted by the means provided by law.


Clause eleven: The present Promotion will be valid and will be effective only within the Republic of Costa Rica, therefore any event that transcends the Promotion and is not covered by the present Regulations, will be resolved by the Organizer, under the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica.

Clause twelve: These Regulations are available to the public on the web page

Clause thirteen: The Participant of the Promotion will be the only responsible for the use and enjoyment given to the granted Benefit, releasing the Organizer from any kind of responsibility. In this way, the Beneficiary releases the Organizer, co-sponsors, affiliated companies, and others involved in the Promotion, as well as their executives, employees, shareholders, representatives or agents, from all liability for any damage arising directly or indirectly, as a consequence of his/her participation in the Promotion, or resulting directly or indirectly from the acceptance or enjoyment of the Benefit, or from the fact that his/her identity is made public by being a Beneficiary of this Promotion.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Organizer is expressly released from all liability for: a) Expenses incurred to participate in the Promotion, to make effective the benefit or to enjoy it; b) Unauthorized human interventions by third parties to the computer systems, the Internet site or similar that alter the development of the Promotion; c) Damages suffered to the integrity or property of the Beneficiaries or third parties that are caused by virtue of the use and enjoyment of the Benefit; d) Collateral expenses of the Participant for carrying out the diligences to make effective the Promotion and the Benefit. These collateral expenses may involve: cost of calls, internet access, preparation of documents, copies, transportation costs, among others.

Clause fourteen: In case of any fortuitous event or force majeure, the Organizer may suspend totally or partially the Promotion without any liability whatsoever, which will be informed by the same means in which the Promotion was communicated.

Clause fifteen: The mechanics of this Promotion, as well as the Intellectual Property derived from it, are the exclusive property of American Data Networks.

Clause sixteen: Relationship between the parties. Nothing in this Promotion shall be construed as creating any relationship between the parties other than that which arises in the ordinary course of business. No Participant of the Promotion, by the fact of being a Participant, acquires the condition of employee, representative, or agent of the Organizing company. With the fulfillment of the obligations set forth in these regulations, the relationship between the parties shall terminate in its entirety.

Clause seventeen: Under no circumstances shall the Benefit be exchanged for cash or any other good, benefit or service.

Clause eighteen: If the Participant, upon being a beneficiary of the Promotion and for whatever reason, either because he/she does not comply with the restrictions and conditions regulated herein, or by his/her own will, does not accept the Benefit, he/she may not claim from the Organizer any compensatory sum or a consolation prize or cash exchange. Likewise, he/she will not be able to request transportation or any requirement for the transfer in order to enjoy the corresponding Benefit.

Clause nineteen: Use of personal data. The Organizer collects and uses the Participant’s data in the above-mentioned Promotion. By gaining access, the Participant agrees to the processing of the data necessary for the use of the Promotion, and it is hereby stated that his/her personal information will be kept confidential and that the Participant agrees to the handling of such data. In American Data Networks we are committed to the protection of your personal data, and in keeping with the right of users to informational self-determination and in the exercise of their rights of personality, recognizes the right of users to know the treatment of the information provided, so if you have any questions or wish to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition or revocation of consent please contact the mail: ADN undertakes to execute the Participant’s request within the database when so requested, the above in compliance with the Law for the Protection of the Person with regard to the Processing of Personal Data No. 8968 in force and its regulations.

For further information or questions regarding these Rules, Participants may consult them directly at the Customer Service Center at

These Regulations will be available in its entirety for the knowledge and information of the general public and consumers, on the website, during the term of this promotion.

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