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Welcome to American Data Networks

American Data Networks is the result of the increasing need for a world-class option in national and international high data capacity. Strengthened by the opening of the telecommunications market, providing extra value to companies allowing them to optimize and expand their networks in a more safe, fast and affordable. ADN is able to offer today innovative services and high technology to companies with the highest standards in our territory.

American Data Networks is the fastest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Costa Rica. Yes; that’s correct, Ookla — the global leader in measuring data transfer rates of Internet Service Providers worldwide, ranks American Data Networks as the # 1 broadband provider in Costa Rica.

American Data Networks offers high speed internet at the highest level for businesses of all sizes in Costa Rica.

Our Business VoIP Telephony Solutions are guaranteed to have the best voice quality and reliability.

Call us at 4050-5050, email info@data.cr, or complete the form below to request more information.

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